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Ski-ing conditions :
Orientation :
  • Département: 06 Alpes-Maritimes
  • Carte IGN: 3639 OT
  • Coordonnées géographiques: 
    • GPS (UTM WGS84):  32T 335877 4909108
    • Coordonnées GPS décimales:  44.316702 N / 6.941953 E
  • Access: Car parks; Ford Vence or the Pra


Road access
  • GPS (UTM WGS84):  32T 331338 4909797
  • Coordonnées GPS décimales:  44.321859 N - 6.884848 E
1,652 m

Par la route

From Saint-Etienne de Tinée, take the road to the mountain pass de la Bonette which runs along the Tinée. Continue on this road until the hamlet of Pra.

Hors enneigement
7.00 km
650 m
03:30 h
From the car park of Le Pra (1650 m), take the pathway which goes up in zigzags in fragile terrain till the plateau of Morgon (beacon.33). From there, the slope subsides to reach the forest house of Tortisse (Maison Forestière de Tortisse, 2252 m-beacon.34). Do not take the pathway on the left which leads to the "Col du Fer" but go up on the pathway to the right until the "Crête de la Côte" (2422 m). Continue the traverse to beacon 23. From there, do not take the right path that leads to the lakes, but continue on the left path that overlooks the upper lake of Vens. Once reached the beacon 24, go down on your right towards the mountain hut of Vens (Refuge de Vens, 2366 m-beacon 25).
From the mountain hut of Vens (2366 m), t ake the pathway that bypasses the upper lake of Vens. At the beacon 23, take the pathway on the right for a traverse towards the Crête de la Côte (2422 m), and then a descent to the plateau of Tortisse. At the beacon 34 (2252 m), take left the path in direction of Le Pra that will lead you to the parking lot (1650 m) after a long but comfortable descent.
02:00 h
Road access
  • GPS (UTM WGS84):  32T 332775 4908256
  • Coordonnées GPS décimales:  44.308321 N - 6.903359 E
1,543 m

Par la route

Saint-Etienne de tinée, take the road to the col de la Bonette(mountain pass de la Bonette) bordering the Tinée. After the bridge of Vens, exceed the waterfall. The road then winds into a zigzag. Shortly thereafter, park at the level of the 20 hiking tag.

Hors enneigement
6.50 km
820 m
02:30 h
From the car park of Gué de Vens (1520 m), take the track to the right of the road (beacon.20). For the first time, cross the Gué de Vens to reach the beacon 21. Take the left trail and climb the left river banks of Gué, Cross it againg. Then the climb gets tougher till you reach the beacon 22 (2290 m). Go straight ahead in the direction of the Pas des Pêcheurs to soon join the median lake of Vens (beacon.27). Take left. Then the climb is mild towards the upper lake and the mountain hut on its shore (Refuge de Vens-2366 m)
From the mountain hut of Vens (2366 m), take the pathway that bypasses the upper lake of Vens. Once reached the median lake (beacon.27), turn on the right trail that goes down to the beacon 22 (2290 m). From there, straith ahead, starts the long descent of the Gué de Vens. At the bottom of the Gué (beacon 21), cross it to soon reach a track that leads to the road (1520 m-beacon.20) and the car park.
01:30 h